linux server

Configure DHCP Server in Ubuntu

Networks especially ones with hosts of at least 50, need some sort of auto configuration for the network. It would be tedious to have to manually configure every host on a network or new hosts as well. Here we will look into creating a DHCP Server to automate this addressing of hosts under Ubuntu Server.

Configure Bind9 in Debian/Ubuntu

Every large organization needs a way to resolve internal resources, this could be internal websites, webapps or even file servers. A DNS server facilitates access to such resources and this guide will show you how to create a DNS server using Debian/Ubuntu but can really apply to all Linux distributions.

VPN's and what grinds my gears about them

VPN's have been around for over a decade and for some reason are so popular now. There have been MANY misconceptions about VPN's everywhere. You hear it in those annoying YouTube ad's from companies claiming the WORLD with this HOT VPN that you're going to love because it KEEPS NO LOGS. Ehhh... Do you trust that? You're in for a surprise.

Configure a SAMBA Share in Linux

Lots of businesses need to share files with employees and need a way to acheive this. SAMBA is a Linux service for sharing files and much more. We will go over setting up a share for users and anonymous users.

Introduction to Hosting

How do i host a website? How do i host a service? These questions a lot of users have and don't really have a clue on where to start or basic fundamentals for hosting network services. If you are one of those users, this is the crash course for you!