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Linux How-To's

Configure Bind9 in Debian/Ubuntu

Every large organization needs a way to resolve internal resources, this could be internal websites, webapps or even file servers..

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Configure Network Interface in Wicked

This tutorial will go over setting up a basic interface using the wicked network manager for a Static or DHCP configuration...

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Configure a SAMBA Share

Lots of businesses need to share files with employees and need a way to acheive this. SAMBA is a Linux service for sharing files...

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Cisco How-To's

Cisco ASA Split-Tunnel VPN

Tons of businesses hire remote users from other countries, states or sometimes an employee needs to be home for a while but...

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Cisco ASA Basic Setup

So you're setting up an new building and you get your hands on a firewall and need to provide internet to internal hosts...

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Cisco ASA Port Forwarding

A lot of businesses sometimes need to access internal resources from the outside, not resources like remote servers...

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